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Gen 3 Mini Turbo Jet Fan Blower

Gen 3 Mini Turbo Jet Fan Blower

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Gen 3 Handheld Mini Turbo Jet Blower

Say goodbye to frustration and hours of back-breaking work. The Mini Jet Blower pulverizes stubborn debris, leaves, dirt, dust and more. Experience the pinnacle of cordless convenience with extended battery life. This portable powerhouse is a must for garages, gardens, patios, and anywhere else messy jobs need tackling.

  1.  Generates super strong winds equivalent to a level 16 typhoon
  2. Long-lasting stability under heavy usage
  3. Built-in protection against overheating and charging issues
  4. Up to 4 hours of cordless runtime per charge
  5. Three speed settings for full control
Blast through yard work and home cleaning jobs in record time with the Mini Jet Blower! 


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