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Donut Tunnel House

Donut Tunnel House

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Let your cat explore a world of soft comfort with the Donut Tunnel House. This innovative cat bed provides a cozy hideaway that your feline friend will adore curling up inside.

  • Perfect for providing comfort and preventing furniture damage
  • Unique donut shape with spacious tunnel for cats to crawl inside
  • High-quality felt material is durable, scratch-resistant, and built to last
  • Raised sides support your cat's head and neck while they sleep
  • Detachable design with smooth zippers makes cleaning a breeze

Give your cat a new favourite napping spot to relax and play with the Donut Tunnel House. The semi-enclosed tunnel design allows the kitty to enter and exit freely while feeling safe and secure. Your cat will love having their own little home away from home. Crafted with thick, moisture-proof felt, it's built to handle your pet's daily adventures. 

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